Eberron - Icetop Mountains of Karrnath

Kord's dream

The dreams continue…

Kord presses a storm of warring wants regarding the shards I must find. One of midnight blue with oily black veins, one decorated with golden light and one encased in a geod, crimson with dark swirls.

What these augments do I’m unawares, but in Kord, my deity, my father, I trust.

Oddly, since arriving in the Icetop Mountains of Karrnath and learning of the Malificarum, I’ve found a stone. It is rough and dark as the night sky. Since dropping it into my pocket, the hand that inspected the stone has become numb at times, with a weak tremor that passes up through my arm to the elbow. The palm of my hand has raised in small bumps that glisten with a transluscent pink sweat that glimmers when held to the sun just so.

Is it a disease? A disease with a slowly growing mark? It’s not painful. But this rock I’ve found. This shard from the earth. Is it what it seems?



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