Eberron - Icetop Mountains of Karrnath

Kordelius' dragon mark
my palm is red and glows arcane

Since I’ve found the Siberys Shard of the Mage and attached it to my battle staff, the hand that originally touched the orange crystal has become swollen and strange. It now glows with a marking that I’ve never before seen. I’ve heard of tales regarding Dragon Marks, but have never seen one. Nor do I know what they do. I will continue my searching for more shards…the dreams Kord sends will not hault. But I must come to understand the meaning of this marking.

Aton, Phineus and I have killed the bandits and I’ve found an implement to attach to my staff…what it will do, I shall find out soon enough. As for now, we are headed to the town’s church where there is much screaming.

Kord's dream

The dreams continue…

Kord presses a storm of warring wants regarding the shards I must find. One of midnight blue with oily black veins, one decorated with golden light and one encased in a geod, crimson with dark swirls.

What these augments do I’m unawares, but in Kord, my deity, my father, I trust.

Oddly, since arriving in the Icetop Mountains of Karrnath and learning of the Malificarum, I’ve found a stone. It is rough and dark as the night sky. Since dropping it into my pocket, the hand that inspected the stone has become numb at times, with a weak tremor that passes up through my arm to the elbow. The palm of my hand has raised in small bumps that glisten with a transluscent pink sweat that glimmers when held to the sun just so.

Is it a disease? A disease with a slowly growing mark? It’s not painful. But this rock I’ve found. This shard from the earth. Is it what it seems?

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