Kordelius, named after his god Kord has searched the lands of Eberron for the Dragon Shard his dreams speak of. Born in the Astral Sea and orphaned the day he came into existance, Kordelius devoted his life to Kord as an infant. He quickly trained his divine rights and became one with the staff as a young boy.

At the age of 16 Kordelius began to dream of a dragon. A year later he was lead to the world of Eberron by a clan of nomadic people know as the Dusters. They searched for dust and believed that Eberron was the world in which it would be found.

Kordelius’ dreams became overwhelming and would send him into fits of rage and weeks of wrathful ponderings. Kordelius eventually left the clan in search of the Dragon Shard he coudn’t escape. The god Kord was leading him, but to where? Now in his early 30’s Kordelius was more wrathful than ever. It seemed as though his life was in a cyclical, dizzying path going nowhere.

Invokers were the god’s mortal agents, and yet Kordelius felt as though his life was pointless due to this unwilling search that he could not quench. Why did god Kord press the Dragon Shard on him so heavily. And why for the life of all things, could he not find it?


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